Ruby Grace Tilghman

Age: 16

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Meet Ruby...

At just 12 years old Ruby Tilghman founded her own 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, Many Mini Musicians. Her initial desire for Many Mini Musicians was to ensure that more students had access to music resources. She began by hosting caroling and karaoke events in her neighborhood but wanted to expand. She's since hosted fundraising concerts for youth performers and used the money raised to fund classroom grants for Fine Arts education. Over 40 young musicians have had an opportunity to perform for Many Mini Musicians’ annual concerts. Within the past three years alone, Ruby has raised over $30,000 dollars and her grant program has touched over 5,000 students. Her signature concert series, Hello Summer, recently received additional funding to expand across the North Florida region. 


Ruby also launch the Youth Community Arts Alliance, which is dedicated to promoting community involvement in the arts through student led events. The goal of YCAA is to empower student artists to get involved in their community by creating a community arts project that engages peers and other students.

In 2020, Ruby became a published author when her book, Ruby's Recital, hit bookshelves across the country. In addition to all sale proceeds going toward the foundation, she distributed a copy of the book to a library in every county in Florida. 

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