Savvy Girl Magazine Seeks Nominations for “Top 25 Under 25” Honors

Magazine intends to celebrate the accomplishments of 25 young women around the world who have made an impact on their communities.

Orlando, FL., Nov. 14 - Savvy Girl Magazine announced its global search for 25 dynamic women under the age of 25 to be featured in its January 2021 issue.

Led by accomplished professional development coach Allison Walsh, the magazine is geared towards providing ambitious young females with advice on how to advance their personal brands, and jumpstart their professional careers.

“I could not find enough opportunities to shine spotlights on amazing young women who are doing great things in the world,” Walsh said, when asked about her new publication. “So we created that opportunity.” By going to, readers can nominate a deserving young woman, or simply apply for the honors on their own behalf. In order to qualify, the nominee must be between the ages of 15 and 25.

For nominees under 18, a parent or legal guardian must provide consent in order for her to be given consideration. The deadline for applications is December 1st, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Much like the Top 25 list it seeks to compile, the application itself is cleverly designed to create opportunities for young women. The $25 application fee goes towards a grant program called “The Savvy Girl’s Start-up Fund”, which aims to fund community initiatives led by young women.

Walsh has long been involved in the empowerment of budding female entrepreneurs. Her coaching and consulting has already produced hundreds of remarkable success stories, and continues to take on new students every few months. “I love a success story,” said Walsh. “The whole purpose behind this is to give young ladies as much inspiration as possible, and inspire them to ‘go for it’.”

For more information about Savvy Girl Magazine or the Savvy Girl Academy, visit To enroll in the Academy, visit


Allison Walsh, JD is a success and professional development coach for women. She has managed the personal and professional development for more than 200 clients in over a dozen states across the country. Her unique programs and services focus on goal setting and confidence building, developing her clients' personal brands, enhancing their communication skills, teaching them how to market themselves appropriately in-person and online, and empowering them to pursue exceptional opportunities for their future. Her clients' success is unparalleled and as a result of her mentorship and guidance, they have earned millions of dollars in scholarship assistance, created successful and sustainable nonprofit and for-profit companies, written books, launched podcasts, and earned prestigious opportunities and positions in companies across the country. For more information about Allison Walsh, please visit

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