Making your mark on social media is critical in today’s day and age. Social media platforms serve as a digital ad for your personal brand, your lifestyle, and you as an individual. It’s used by employers, universities, and future business partners who take every aspect of your social media account and turn it into an online résumé. However, it’s also used by close relatives, family friends, colleagues, and you, to stay connected and share raw emotions, valuable memories, and life. This means your accounts should be fun, authentic, genuine, and professional all in one. Here are 3 tips I learned to grow your following, stay professional and fun, and leave your mark.


Have fun with your account and find your niche. This could mean solely posting food pictures, using your platform for motivating your audience (maybe through quotes), or even expressing your love for fashion. Use your passions to your advantage and build on them. Social media should be a place where you can express your interests and have fun by connecting with others who share the same passions! Let your passions guide you and go for it!


Make an impression on the digital community by being your authentic self! You are your brand - own it!! It’s so important that who you are on social media also reflects who you are in person, this also means anything you wouldn’t say in person or out loud does not belong on social media. Remember that it’s okay to keep it real on the Internet and connect with your audience through raw emotions, but, be mindful because whatever you put on the Internet stays on the Internet - no matter what!


Consistency is key!! This means staying consistent with what days you post, when you post, and establishing a theme. This theme doesn’t have to be drastic - it could be as simple as using the same preset with every post, having a color scheme, etc. It’s important to be consistent because it helps your audience find and connect with your posts. In order to do so, it might be helpful to plan your posts ahead by scheduling apps or by simply coming up with a content plan for the following week. You got this!

I hope these 3 tips can serve as a guide for your social media. Remember it’s okay to hit the reset button at any time!

At the end of the day, this is your life and no one else’s.

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