Leila Sabet

Age: 24

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Meet Leila...

Leila Sabet is currently a Learning Manager at Amazon, facilitating the training, development, and onboarding of more than 600 warehouse associates and managers, many having lost previous jobs due to COVID-19. She mentors many of her associates, creating leadership development plans that reinforce and strengthen skills as well as their confidence in their ability to overcome challenges, which have helped them advance in their career paths. Leila took steps to enhance the culture of her workplace by creating Character & Attitude Recognition, to inspire leading by example.


Leila’s experiences as a young female professional in a corporate setting has inspired her to create Lift & Be Uplifted: Increasing Women’s Influence in the Professional World. The Lift & Be Uplifted mission is to help equip women with the mindset and skills they need to not just earn a seat at the decision-making table, but to prepare them beyond; where a woman’s perspective will become part of the executive culture, in addition to changing cultural habits that prevent women from succeeding. Lift & Be Uplifted has impacted 200 young women and girls through virtual presentations. She will continue to spend her year sharing this message of discovering, embracing, and promoting your own unique and powerful voice, and hopes to triple that number in June.

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