Elizabeth Melachrinoudis

Age: 22

Connect on Social: @elizabethmelachrinoudis


Meet Elizabeth...

Both of Elizabeth’s parents lost their individual battles to cancer, but she now uses her story to inspire others. Elizabeth has worked with the Gift of Life Marrow Registry where she led a team of other interns and in just six months registered over 300 new marrow donors- one of which went on to be the life-saving donor for a 60-year-old woman battling leukemia. By registering that donor Elizabeth was able to provide a family with a happy ending that her family never experienced, and she “will be chasing that feeling for the rest of her life”. Because of her success as an intern, Elizabeth was honored to be offered the position as Director of “Hero” Recruitment for a Bone Marrow Transplant Advocacy program called Marrow Mates. She was tasked with overseeing their groundbreaking Extended Family Donor Search program which helps minority patients seeking marrow transplants find their “hero” donor. Elizabeth’s life motto is, “be the kind of person that you needed when you were younger”, and she is extremely proud to say that she believes she is accomplishing that every day.

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